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Welcome To Scents of the Sea Island Fragrances  -
Welcome and Thanks for Visiting Sanibel Sensations and Scents of The Sea Island Fragrances & Coastal Photography!

We Feature 2 exquisite unique Island fragrances  that will gently bring you back to a summer day at the beach or your favorite tropical oasis~ 

Our fragrances are like no other as we have captured the essence of a summer day at the beach in a bottle!  Our Unisex Beach inspired Cologne oils are made of a delicate blend of Jasmine, Mandarin, Vanilla, Coconut & Musk Essential oils. 

Close to 3 years ago we began as " Sanibel Sensations"and due to public demand, we were asked to create a universal label as not everyone is familiar with Sanibel Island! Yes, it took a great deal of work but we listened... 
       For Those Who LOVE Sanibel Island..  We Created this for YOU~ 

                                             For those not familiar with Sanibel Island 
                                               "Scents of The Sea Island Fragrances" 
                                                                was born....

Our products have a new nautical embellished packaging and we now have Sales Representatives selling our products on Cape Cod, in New Jersey, Southwest Florida and Seattle, Washington. Soon we will be established on the Island of St. Maarten! 

We have an abundance of products that will suit your every Beach need. From our unisex Beach inspired Cologne Oils, Body Sprays, our Shell embellished Island Style Home Diffusers, Tropical Massage Oils, as well as our captivating Coastal imagery and Note Cards! 

Yes, We have everything to aid in your ultimate enjoyment and relaxation in this stress filled world.  Not only will you enjoy wearing our products, your friends will envy you, stating " You smell Fabulous"  Our products will also aid in decreasing your stress, pain and anxiety

When using our  unisex Essential Cologne Oils, Body Sprays & Massage Oils,  you will be taken back to a time of your fondest memories and experience the clarity of the peace you experienced during your splendid days at your favorite tropical oasis!  

Our products have been created by an RN, BSN and have been proven to not only soothe your spirit and bring you bliss, but will also serve as a therapy to aid in decreasing stress, pain and anxiety  of everyday stressors due to the properties of our oils.  Yes, our Jasmine Essential Oils aid in depression as well~ 

Our Unisex Cologne oils are available in a variety of sizes.
We offer 2 oz Spray Cologne Oils,  2 oz Body Sprays,   and 1/2 oz Roll on perfumes. 
We have intentionally kept the ounces under 3 oz to meet Airline Carry on Travel Requirements. 
We also offer Island Style Home Diffusers that will make your home or office feel like you are on vacation at your favorite tropical paradise! 

After a hectic, tedious day, there is nothing more appealing than walking into your home to be embraced by the aromatic essence of a wonderful day at the beach!  


When combining our Island fragrances with our Coastal imagery, you will feel like you are on vacation giving you a sense of peace, calm & contentment! 

Thank You for taking the time to visit  Scents of the Sea & Sanibel Sensations!  We hope you cherish our merchandise as much as we have in creating it all for you!

Lib Sargent, RN, BSN 
(239) 771-0108


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