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 Good Day All, 
We are truly pleased to announce that we will be planning to release the Full length 30 minute Sanibel Moments DVD !We have completed the final editing and plan the next step is to submit to commercial manufacturing. We hope to distribute in the next few weeks to local boutiques, pain clinics, mental health clinics and wellness centers!

Yes, we provide the ultimate Art in Relaxation! Our mission is to allow you to virtually escape the daily stressors of life, simply allow you to just get lost for a bit, rest, restore and rejuvenate as we virtually transport you back to your favorite tropical paradise, Sanibel Island! 

The finished DVD will feature over 120 images that we have captured and run approximately 30 minutes! The DVD will allow you to experience two stunning days on Sanibel from dawn until dusk. It is a true photographic montage of Sanibel at it's finest moments allowing you to escape whenever your heart desires!  For those that do not have DVD access, we are working on Apps that will allow you to download to your Apple and Android devices via Youtube.  

Sanibel Moments DVD
Pre-Release Sanibel Moments DVD order option. The Sanibel Moments DVD will sell for $13.95 plus $4.00 shipping. This cart will allow us to know that you are interested in purchasing the DVD. Please provide us with your name, address and email so we can contact you in the next few weeks when we are ready to ship!
Price: FREE

We are Sooo pleased with all the great things that are unfolding in our days to come and enhancing the Sense of Peace & Calm in YOUR Days to come!   If you that you have enjoyed this small segment, please share it with your friends and loved ones!
Please join us at Sanibel Moments Facebook Business Page & Group Page for updates! 

Welcome to your NEW PARADISE!

Wishing you a Sense of Peace & Calm~ 
Lib Sargent,  RN, BSN Owner 


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