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~ Sanibel Sensations & Scents of Summer~ - Company Message

 Good Day All, 
We are truly pleased to announce the arrival of our NEW Sanibel Moments DVD 
For the past few years we have tried to implement the concept of Visual-Scent Therapy and now we have been asked to have our captivating images created into a  DVD  for the ultimate Art of Relaxation! If you are interested,  our images can be purchased at SargentSanibelSeascapes.smugmug.com 

At this time we are in the process of having the DVD  commercially manufactured for resale at the local Sanibel area boutiques, and yes, we will be introducing to , Clinics, Surgery Centers, Memory Centers, Hospice, and Hospitals as well! We will be reaching out to Amazon to inquire if they would be interested in selling it online for us as well as providing it on PRIME as a you can purchase. 
Additionally we will be developing an APP that you can purchase for you as not everyone has DVD's 

 Yes, we provide the ultimate Art in Relaxation! Whether it be with our new DVD, Our photographs or our unisex tropical body fragrances that are the essence of suntan lotion! 

Our hope and mission is to allow you to escape the daily stressors of life, just get lost for a bit and virtually be transported to your favorite tropical paradise~ 

We hope that you enjoy this small of glimpse of  Paradise as much as we have in creating it~ 
We are in the process of putting our finishing touches on our www.SanibelMoment's where you will be able to purchase it!  If you are interested in pre-ordering our DVD, please leave us a message on our contact page on this website!  

The finished DVD will feature over 120 images that I have captured and run approximately 30 minutes!  You can  Pre-order it for $13.95 + $4.00 shipping  on our contact page! Just give us your name and contact information and we will contact you when we are ready for distribution at our !

 We will be providing 2 different versions of this DVD, One of Sanibel and the other will be " "Tranquil Moments in Time" without the focus on Sanibel, however the Beaches of the Caribbean,  Nature, Flowers, Skylines, et, al.. 

Please remember that I also work as a Hospice RN and your purchases will help allow us to give this "Sanibel Moments DVD to those terminally ill for !  Think of all the good  you are doing for yourself and others! 
We are Sooo pleased with all the great things that are unfolding in our days to come and enhancing the Sense of Peace & Calm in YOUR Days to come!   If you that you have enjoyed this small segment, please share it with your friends and loved ones!
Please visit us at Sanibel Moments Facebook Business Page & Group Page for updates! 

Welcome to your NEW PARADISE!

Wishing you a Sense of Peace & Calm~ 
Lib Sargent,  RN, BSN Owner 


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